The manga artist as child liar

tumblr_inline_nclk86Zqra1qheujoTaiyo Matsumoto, in a 1997 interview:

Creating manga is kind of like you’re a child who’s stolen some money, and when asked about it you lie and say you found it on the ground, but then the grown-ups keep asking more and more questions, and you have to keep making up more and more lies and make it more real. Like, I’ve already gone and said that I’d make this series, so now I have to follow through on that original lie to the end and make it look like something real. People who are good at making manga are really good liars, I think.

One thought on “The manga artist as child liar

  1. I totally relate to this. We all have our miserable fantasies we reinforce with endless details to escape from reality. I think creativity has a lot to do with escaping reality and how skillfull you are at doing so. Some of my favorite things about manga are the themes of escapism and the focus on the self.

    Do you have any recurring extravagant/shameful fantasies that keep getting more gross/expansive over time?

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