Interview with Dorohedoro artist Q Hayashida

UntitledI get the impression that there are exceedingly few interviews with Hayashida out there even in Japanese, so let us all treasure what few sweet morsels we have been blessed with. This comes from back in 2006, when Dorohedoro was only eight volumes in. She talks about the manga and games she’s into at the moment, her time majoring in painting in university, and the process that she goes through to produce every chapter.

— (Looking at Hayashida’s illustrations for a pamphlet back from her days at a fine arts prep school.) So the first time you had your artwork printed was a pamphlet at prep school. How’d you feel at the time?

Q Hayashida: Well… happy.

–Having your work printed is always something to be happy about. Did they just have you doing black-and-white drawings at this prep school?

Hayashida: Yes, and I was exceedingly awful at it. I remember having absolutely no interest in those sketches of plaster busts they make you do. The busts are too smooth. (laugh)

–Well, they are inorganic. (laugh) I take it from Dorohedoro that you prefer to draw things that are interestingly textured.

Hayashida: Another thing is that they make you draw lots to decide where you sit and draw the bust from, so you might end up drawing it from an angle that just can’t possibly produce anything good, no matter what you do… which is why I used to skip class a lot. Class did me no good anyway, I figured. Continue reading