A conversation between Inio Asano and Usamaru Furuya


Now here’s a good one: a conversation between Inio Asano and Usamaru Furuya that ran alongside the last chapter of Girl by the Sea in Manga Erotics F, which means it would’ve been around the time Asano was working on volume 12 of Good Night Punpun.

Thanks go out to Vito for providing me with the relevant pages out of the magazine!

Furuya: Thanks for having me over. It’s a comfy workplace you have here.asanofuruya

Asano: I tried my best to tidy up.

Furuya: Ah, I see you were in the middle of work.

Asano: You do your color work digitally, don’t you?

Furuya: I’ve been going analog for color stuff lately too. I’ve started using Copic marker pens — it’s faster. How do you color your stuff, Asano? Continue reading